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Danube Turbine swim spa

The Danube swim spa is a 4 m long exercise pool.
Danube Turbine has a counter-current W-Power turbine, that capable of moving 150-160 cubic meters of water per hour (4 adjustable positions), with 75% lower power consumption (7 Ampers only), and twice the water yield in comparison with swim spa engines. Incredible performance is combined with energy efficiency - it can even be operated on single-phase electric power.

Complete aqua training set FOR FREE for all Wellis W-Power swim spas!
Order any W-Power Turbine swim spa between 22th June and 31th July, 2018 and get the following fitness accessories for free in the value of more than €1000:
- Aquabike
- Expander
- Rowing set
As the swim belt and swimming stick is already part of the basic equipment, with these additional accessories all W-Power Turbine swim spas become a complete exercise-pool.



Materials Fiberglass reinforced acrylic spa shell (5 mm)
  Stainless steel frame
Water volume 5 699 l
Net weight ~ 750 kg
Power requirement 2 x (3 x16A) 230V/50 Hz (400V)
Swimspa pump W-Power Turbine (50-160 m3/h)
Heating unit 3kW/230V/50Hz heater
Control system Smart Touch
Water sanitization 2 x UV-C water sanitizer
  3 antibacterial filters
Chromotherapy lighting Central (1 x 55 LED)
  Exclusive (10 × 1 LED)
Wellis SmartPhone application Optional
AQUASOUL™ 2.1 POP-UP sound system Optional
Swimming stick yes